5 Questions To Ask Your Landscape Lighting Professional

If you’re looking for landscape lighting in Birmingham, AL, or any of Southern Landscapes’ other service areas, we want to help you ensure you get the quality you deserve. Whenever you hire a lighting contractor, you should ask them a few things for your own knowledge and to ensure you’re getting what you need. As professionals ourselves, here are five questions to ask your landscape lighting professional.

Licenses and Documentation

The first question to ask your landscape lighting professional is if they have the appropriate licenses, registrations, and insurance. Doing so ensures both you and the contractor have protection should something go wrong during the project.

Prior Experience

Next, feel free to ask your contractor about their past work and experience. This will give you an idea of how reliable your contractor is and will help set your mind at ease. It’ll also give you some insight into their practices and what you can expect for your project.

Customer References

You should also consider looking up third-party reviews and references for the company you’re using. Customer reviews are valuable because they’re unbiased and provide a consensus built on the opinions and experiences of many other people.

Product Warranties

You’ll want to know if your new lights and equipment have warranties should they become damaged or defective after the completion of the job. Such issues aren’t always predictable, so it’s best to ensure you have coverage from a warranty to replace anything damaged or defective without cost to you.

Time Estimations

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask how long your contractor estimates your landscape lighting installation will take. This will help you form expectations about when the project should finish and how much progress is ideal at each stage.

By keeping these questions in mind, you’ll be able to work with your contractor and inform yourself about all the details of your project. It’ll also help bring peace of mind by giving you a better understanding of what your contractor is doing, what you should expect, and what’s available to you. That way, you’ll protect yourself and your property.