4 Landscape Lighting Trends in 2023 That You Should Consider

Many homeowners spend considerable time and money to make their homes presentable. Incorporating quality lighting systems can instantly improve a house’s mood in a matter of minutes. Here are a couple of 2023 landscape lighting trends to consider for your home.

Color-Changing Lighting Fixtures

Over the last few years, color-shifting lighting has become immensely popular for homeowners, bringing a personalized, unique feel to gardens, outdoor patios, and front porches. Homeowners can choose from various color combinations and rotations to create a unique, beautiful, and eye-catching look.

Color-shifting landscape lighting can create various settings and atmospheres, from lively parties to intimate romantic outdoor dates. You can play with different colors and combinations to perfectly capture your desired energy.

Illuminated Pathways

Whether you’ve just returned home after a long day of work or invited friends to come over for a cocktail party, one 2023 landscape lighting trend to consider is illuminating your walkway. It’s an effortless way to help guests reach your front door, lead them to your backyard garden, and much more.

Illuminated pathway lighting adds a touch of sophistication and beauty to any home, along with providing the feeling of safety and security. You can easily place your pathway lighting along the edges of your garden, the path to your front door, or throughout your lawn to create the perfect evening ambiance.

Sustainable Lighting Installations

We are becoming more and more environmentally conscious these days, inside and outside the home. Investing in sustainable LED landscape lighting is one way to remain eco-friendly without sacrificing visual interest. LED lighting uses far less energy than traditional lighting methods, producing little heat and lasting up to 50,000 hours.

Switching from traditional lighting solutions to LED lighting can give your home a more modern feel and increase sustainability. In addition, it can help save on your utility bills while improving the visual beauty of your home.

Wi-Fi Controlled Lighting

Wouldn’t it be nice to turn your lights on and off from your phone easily? Thankfully, Wi-Fi-controlled lighting has made it easier to adjust lighting at your fingertips. With Wi-Fi lighting systems, you can easily control the lighting brightness, temperature, or schedule for easy configurations without breaking your budget.

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