How Landscape Lighting Can Increase Business Security

When considering how to protect your business, employees, and assets, know that it doesn’t have to be a fancy security system. Instead, consider how aspects like outdoor lighting installers can create a system that wards off criminals and ne’er-do-wells before the crime even occurs. Here’s how landscape lighting can increase business security.

How Lighting Affects Security

Outdoor lighting is a great way to ensure high visibility around your property, even when the sun sets. Any would-be burglars may target a building that seems empty, dark, and easy to access. An illuminated building not only makes it harder for someone to sneak around but also makes it unclear if the building is empty. Lights typically indicate activity, giving the impression that your business is currently inhabited and not worth the risk.

Another aspect of safety is avoiding injuries. Low visibility makes it more difficult to see potential hazards. Adequate lighting will mitigate falls, collisions, and other injuries that could occur between employees and customers.

The Best Placement for Lights

The placement of your lights is another factor in how landscape lighting can increase business security. A good first step is ensuring all entrances and exits are adequately lit up. If you have CCTV cameras, you want to make sure the areas they monitor are well-lit.

Next, consider areas that could be considered dangerous or secluded, like parking garages, staircases, walkways, and any other location naturally cloaked by shadows.

Lighting Equipment for Security

There are many different types of lights to choose from when illuminating your space. For instance, don’t get multiple small lights if you have large dark areas you want to brighten. A single flood light will quite literally flood the entire space with light. Another type of light that is incredibly useful for security is motion-activated lighting. It will immediately alert you if someone is outside and will typically startle potential burglars, causing them to flee, as they think they’ve been caught.

Lighting contractors can install various lights for you, so explore your options before getting started.