How Landscape Lighting Can Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Cultivating and customizing the property around your house is essential for adding value to your home’s curb appeal, as no house, no matter how well-built, looks good just sitting on an empty dirt plot. While many people choose to complement their homes with elements of nature and decorations, gorgeous homes use landscape lighting services to their advantage. Here’s how landscape lighting can enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Highlight Architectural Features

Uplight fixtures direct light upwards to present the features of your home in a more grandiose and impressive manner. This allows you to showcase the best parts of your home and create long, compelling shadows that add a pleasing contrast. Using lighting in this manner can help you accentuate and bring focus to the features you want while obscuring or drawing attention away from parts of the home that may be less attractive.

Some common upwards light fixtures include:

  • Grade-mounted bullet fixtures

  • Direct burial fixtures

  • Well lights

Talk with your contractor if you’re unsure which type will work best – they can provide guidance and recommendations!

Show Off Your Landscape

Similarly, landscape lighting is how you keep the rest of your property lit in the evening. This includes showing off particular features – such as statues, water features, and gardens – or lighting up outdoor areas like patios and decks for evening or late-night enjoyment. Enjoying the tranquility of a night outdoors on a dimly lit patio is often a highly valued feature to any potential buyer and thus will increase your curb appeal.

Achieve the Ideal Atmosphere

Lastly, a house shrouded in darkness can feel unwelcoming, and you won’t have any curb appeal if no one can see your home! Make your property more welcoming to guests by using lighting to set a mood or atmosphere. For example, landscape lighting can enhance your home’s curb appeal by creating a moonlight effect using downlights. This softer lighting is warm and welcoming, making your property a more pleasant sight to behold from the curb.