Common Outdoor Lighting Problems and What To Do About Them

A home’s exterior lighting brings a nice touch to its curb appeal. This lighting also lends a hand in safety and landscaping. But these tiny and mighty elements can experience many common issues that bring homeowners to their knees. Here, we explore common outdoor lighting problems and what to do about them before you replace your lighting altogether.

Flaws in the Connections

Flaws in the connections are all-too-common issues that we see with landscape lighting or exterior lighting. These fixtures experience a range of harsh conditions, from gusty winds to heavy rain or potential accidents. So it’s easy for the wiring to disconnect or jostle just right to create issues.

Another thing we see often is faulty installation techniques that involve flawed connections. All connections should be waterproof to avoid an issue with the weather, and it’s vital to have a professional install these lights since they can secure the connections with weather patterns in mind.

Burnt-Out Light Bulbs

The sight of a burnt-out bulb brings panic to a homeowner—understandably so. The worst typically comes to mind from flawed connections or poor-quality elements. But luckily, burnt-out bulbs are an easy fix that is common and expected with outdoor lighting. These lights work consistently daily and need replacing.

While most outdoor-intended lights are made to last a long time, it’s worth noting that things happen, and their expiration date does come. It’s ideal to contact the installation team to receive a replacement bulb of the same style and request all bulbs undergo a replacement simultaneously. Hopefully, they will burn out around the same time as one another.

Wiring and Socket Corrosion

Another common outdoor lighting problem that happens with time is wiring and socket corrosion, but many homeowners don’t know what to do about this. The installation team can replace the bad units, or you may invest in a new lighting feature.

New lighting features can elevate your home’s curb appeal with a design appeal you enjoy, or you can replace only the bad units. The installation team can inspect the severity of the corrosion to determine your best plan forward.

Southern Landscapes is a premier exterior lighting installer with state-of-the-art features and an expert installation team. We can help you tackle these common issues and look forward to your home’s curb appeal once again.